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Affordable Housing & Solutions

My father was a machinist and union member.  As a union member he received fair pay and benefits that allowed him to purchase a home for the family.  It is shameful that our hardest and lowest paid workers too often live in crowded and unsafe conditions. I have joined activists in voicing the need to address this issue. During the last couple of years, I have participated in several workshops and conferences to educate myself about the options to building and sustaining affordable housing for working class families, including farm workers.  As a homeowner, I am in support of Measure H. Revenue will be used to leverage additional funding from the State to provide, “housing for populations such as households at or below 120 percent of the area median income, veterans, seniors, persons with disabilities, persons with mental health disorders, and persons with substance abuse disorders.”

My commitment:

  • I will continue to be involved and become further educated about affordable housing solutions.
  • Advocate for more access to affordable housing.
  • Advocate for suitable wages and health benefits to provide opportunities for residents to purchase an affordable home.
  • Be accessible and open, and include my constituents in the discussion.



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