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Expanded Spaces & Youth, Families, and Seniors

I want to keep our city welcoming and safe for all residents and visitors.  When I walk through our city parks and trails, I want to enjoy it while feeling safe and I know that all our residents feel the same.  We have the desire to spend time with friends and family, in the community we live, and deservedly need those spaces to be clean and safe.  Our city demographics under the age of 18 has grown significantly, and this young population needs to have places to assemble, collaborate, and grow. 

As a city council member, I want to ensure there are plenty of safe spaces for families, youth, and seniors to enjoy.

I am proud that the City of Watsonville has invested in its 26 city parks, including Ramsey and Pinto Lake and my commitment is to:

  • Work with our city and county parks services, in stewardship of our parks are clean and safe.
  • Collaborate with city, county, and non-profits to locate and provide spaces for our youth to safely assembly, collaborate, and learn.
  • Advocate for programs benefiting youth, families, and our seniors.
  • Be accessible and open, and include my constituents in the discussion.

I hope you will continue to visit one or more of our 26 city parks.



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